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Tantric Massage
Tantric massage is a sort of massage that uses sexual imperativeness to fulfill a higher state of consciousness. Tantric massage uses specific provocative touch, gently running fingertips along the entire body to blend a torpid imperativeness field inside the body.
Professional Massage
The tantric massage is not based just on the erogenous zones, yet general body and the relationship with the spirit.
Calming Massage
Tantric massage adds to the enjoyment that one experiences in the midst of sex.
Caring Massage
Tantric massage can be given and received by a woman or by a man, Tantric Massage is for everybody.
What is a Tantric Massage?
Tantric Massage was Created and developed around the 1980s by the Founder of the first Tantra Institute in Germany called the Diamond Lotus Tantra Lounge - Andro Andreas Rothe. It follows a modern, western take on Tantra.
The origins of Tantric Massage
Tantric massage is unlike traditional massage as it borrows heavily from sexual therapy, yoga and bioenergetics and the works of prominent psychoanalysts such as Alexander Lowen, Carl Jung, Carl Rogers and Wilhelm Reich form the roots of Tantric Massage.
Professional Tantric Massage Provider
The word Tantric comes from Sanskrit word Tantra which is a root word tan which means trusting, confiding and placing confidence which the recipient of this treatment will require. It is often given by lovers who are intimate or want to increase intimacy with each other or a professional Tantric Massage Provider.
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Reduce Stress with Tantra
Tantric massage is known to reduce stress, anxiety, confrontation of sexual issues and improve mental state and well being. It is practiced in many ways including tantric sex yoga among others. Tantric Massage is a multi-step therapy which can take years to properly master.
How Tantric Massaging Works
The first step in the massage therapy is to create a suitable calm and rich atmosphere for relaxation such as a warm and soft bed or table. Second being increasing pleasure through other forms of relaxation such as aromatherapy, candles and soothing music, The third step is to give the recipient instructions on proper breathing and meditation - a technique known as pranayama to discipline pleasure and arousal.
The Impact
The final step focuses on improving the flow of chakras in the recipient by massaging at strategic and sensual areas which when done perfectly will result in the release of several chemicals and enzymes by the body. Of these chemicals and enzymes released some such as Oxytocin, Seratonin, DHEA and some dormant enzymes and endorphins are known to highly increase the natural immunity of the body.
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Tantric Massage London
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Learn how a tantric massage is performed

How Tantric Massage works

A tantra massage is the use of sexual energy to achieve a higher rate o consciousness. One has to learn how to administer this type of massage. The therapist applies specific sensual touches on the body to awaken specific energies that are dormant in the body. A tantra massage has to be done by a professional, someone who has the knowledge of how it is done. The therapist will ask you to lie down on a massage bed as they get ready to massage you. They then will run their fingers across your body to awaken dormant energy, this energy is believed to bring lovers together in unison while allowing the physical and mental pain to escape the body. The professional masseur will guide you and your partner on how to administer the tantra massage to each other to achieve the best results.
Tantra massages differ from one to the other. The aim of the therapist is to awaken the seven energy points which are along the spine. This is to awaken and activate the dormant Kundalini. The therapist will start the session with relaxation methods to put you at ease. She will then proceed to centralized energy awakening techniques, and then go on to accelerate into personalized Kundalini techniques. A tantra massage will arouse the one being administered to sexually. This should be done by two lovers who are comfortable with each other. However, the people undergoing the tantra massage can tell the therapist guiding them to stop should they feel uncomfortable. Besides being very relaxing to both body and mind, the tantra massage also alleviates physical pain, emotional fear and guilt leaving one to be very refreshed, empowered and fulfilled. A tantra massage is mostly practised through controlled breathing techniques, this allows energy to move from one part of the body to the next. This greatly helps someone to exercise self-control and self-discipline during random or unforeseen sexual arousals.
Tantric Massage is for couples as well ...

Who needs Tantric massage?

Many people result in offering tantric massage in order to pass on the pleasure to their partners. A pleasure massage is good if you have to make sense of how to loosen up and feel more about your sexuality. Additionally, this kind of message is a therapeutic healer especially of women who at one time experienced abuse, encroachment or rape. There are body-workers who truly know how to work with a woman's body to patch past damage. Finding blocks and defends that were ordinarily raised by the body, and clearing them with the objective that the woman can resuscitate up her sexuality. Furthermore, it grows more intimate closeness between partners. It makes couples develop a sexual style that integrates closeness and erotism. This concept positions a couple as a collaborating sexual team, rather than being stuck in the traditional power skirmish of men underscoring and women emphasizing on intimate touch.
Tantric Massage London
Moreover, tantric massage develops a significant spiritual bond between you and your partner. Deep ecstatic states, as often as possible, open spiritual dimensions which is a gateway to another technique for being. The various frameworks in tantric massage fortify the relationship among associates and build up their closeness. Tantric massage extends the delight that one experiences in the midst of sex, it is a medicinal healer especially to women, it helps in working up more imperative closeness among partners and besides helps in working up a spiritual bond between sexual associates. Tantric Massage will improve you, and your sexual concurrence.
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